Omen PVC Bows

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Hi everyone, my name is Roman and I make PVC archery bows in the Ottawa area. Product demo videos and more pics coming soon.

Basically I started making bows for myself, and when my friends took notice people started becoming interested. So I made this website to make myself available for people who are interested in owning one themselves, and to show off my bows. Please browse through my site and take a look at what I've done so far. I also have a 30 foot target range in my house so you can always try before you buy.

These bows range between 20-70 lbs of power, enough to hunt with or just target practice. I can make different shapes of bows such as Mongolian horsebow style, traditional Native American "D" style and Japanese style in any size. I also make my own arrows out of wooden dowel, I recommend buying real arrows because they will last years longer than wood. Proper arrows can usually be purchased at your local sporting goods retailer such as Canadian Tire.